Friday, 30 November 2012

Silver Weekly Technical Analysis Charts - November 29, 2012

The Chart below was posted back in May2012, highlights the price of entry point where I was expecting a bottom to be made. In fact, the low was $26.11.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nikkei225 Weekly Technical Analysis Charts - November 28, 2012

But bare in mind IF & IF this doesn't play out & the technicals in the above charts are negated, the alternative 0.764% relationship is very powerful as the Chart Below demonstrates.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ashraf Laidi: Sterling’s Looming Breakout!

GBP/USD held up above the June trend line support which is now near a confluence of other key support levels –55-WMA (1.5806) and 200-WMA (1.5783).  While the price remains below the September trendline resistance, there is a growing probability for the upside to break out of the current ceiling as is signaled by favourable stochastics on the weeklies. GBP/USD may well first retest its 100-WMA of 1.5940s before mounting a renewed break above 1.6020 and onto 1.6160. The daily chart also presents its share of confluence levels of support, via the 100-DMA (1.5902) and 200-DMA (1.5858). These are expected to hold and present considerable sources of fresh bids for sterling.
This week’s revised report on Q3 GDP and Nov CBI survey on sales orders will show its share of volatility on the pair.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Peter Brandt: The History of Gold Charts.

Chart History of Gold Market_Nov 2012

The Four Stages Profile:This signature profile happens over and over again in the market and all the great leaders eventually become laggards.

Source of these charts & analysis courtesy of Chris Vermeulen: The Four Stages of AAPL & RIMM

Chris Vermeulen: Emotions and Lifecycle Analysis.

+1: History has an uncanny ability to repeat itself. Whether it's the rise and fall of an empire or the rise and fall of a stock, there are clear cycles that are prevalent throughout history.

People may change, but human nature, and our ability to act, react and overreact is simply an innate part of our being. This predictability is what forms the basis of technical analysis and provides a trader with an edge with which to trade upon. When we are analyzing cycles we really are analyzing emotions, trying to gain insight as to how market participants are behaving.

John Maynard Keynes is often quoted for suggesting that "The markets can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent." This is a harsh reality and puts great emphasis on the importance of discipline, risk management, and a keen eye for price action.

Emotions are what separate the successful traders from those that lose money. They can be regarded as a relentless opponent, often showing up without warnings and striking you at inopportune times. The successful trader is able to recognize their presence and maintain objectivity, constantly assessing their own strengths and weaknesses.
There will ultimately be times where you can't control your emotions; however you can always control how you respond to them. Any time you recognize that your emotions are influencing your outlook you are already one step ahead of the average market participant. It is at this point that you step back, refocus your perceptions, examine the price action, and then take the appropriate action.
An understanding of herd or mob mentality is important in trading and can provide you with an edge over the average participant who doesn't contemplate what is happening around them. In a mob or riot, we never know what the feelings and motivations are of all the individual participants.
There are however certain emotions that seem to appear at distinct times and a certain predictability in their development. A stock's price action is no different. While we never know the underlying feeling and motivations of all participants, there are distinct emotions that are shared by the herd at various stages of a stock's life. An understanding of these emotions and their implications on the price action of a stock is an advantage that the profitable trader maintains.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Minority Thought Report!

If there's anything out there that would create a buzz to propel the tech indices higher, it's got to be this... When & where it will hit consumers retail shelves, I have no idea. But I'm certain, there will be so much hype & media mania over this, when it comes out, and everyone is going to want to own one.
I suggest for now, watch-out for announcements as we approach or we're near major Fibonacci & Technical levels..... As usual, this is just Food4Thought!

Samsung mass-producing 22-inch transparent LCD, your desktop monitor seethes with jealousy:
Hewlett Packard has been granted a US patent for its see-through screen technology:
Microsoft unveils see-through 3D computer featuring a user controlled 3D space:

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Interesting Chart by James Turk.

Comments related to this chart can be viewed here:

The Day The World Ended - Israel Strikes Iranian Nuclear Sites In WW3 Simulation.

With most suggesting containment in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran.... No one provided what the alternative to containment would be incase it failed. But as always, thanks to the mostly criticized blogosphere, the folks at FutureMoneyTrends have made the effort of presenting us with the alternative narrative.
Watch part 2 here:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Landgrabbers: The New Fight Over Who Owns The Earth & The Global Political Consequences In A Politically Awakened World.

'Land grabbing' has been described as the most profound ethical, environmental, economic and social issue in the world today. Financial speculation and concerns over food security are driving the acquisition of vast areas of land by foreign entities from beneath the feet of its occupiers in Africa, South-east Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. This debate examines the relative impact of land grabbing on the lives of poor people across the globe.

Must Watch: John V. Denson on War: Revisionism, Fascism & the CIA.

Arnold Toynbee, the eminent British historian and friend of the United States, as quoted in the New York Times of May 7, 1971: 

"To most Europeans, I guess, America now looks like the most dangerous country in the world. Since America is unquestionably the most powerful country, the transformation of America's image within the last thirty years is very frightening for Europeans. It is probably still more frightening for the great majority of the human race who are neither Europeans nor North Americans, but are Latin Americans, Asians, and Africans. They, I imagine, feel even more insecure than we feel. They feel that, at any moment, America may intervene in their internal affairs, with the same appalling consequences as have followed from the American intervention in Southeast Asia." 

"For the world as a whole, the CIA has now become the bogey that communism has been for America. Wherever there is trouble, violence, suffering, tragedy, the rest of us are now quick to suspect the CIA had a hand in it. Our phobia about the CIA is, no doubt, as fantastically excessive as America's phobia about world communism; but in this case, too, there is just enough convincing guidance to make the phobia genuine. In fact, the roles of America and Russia have been reversed in the world's eyes. Today America has become the nightmare."

Monday, 12 November 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ashraf Laidi on CNBC Squawk Box - 8 November 2012

Whether the US ends up in the outbreak of the fiscal cliff or simply delaying it, the materialization or the threat of a clear deterioration in GDP (F.C. may cause as much as 1% drop in GDP growth) will give no choice to the Fed but to resume (and possibly deepen) its policy of asset purchases. 
Regardless, December expected to trigger fresh rounds of Central-Bank stimuli.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis 4hr Chart - November 08,2012

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